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I need some help from you ladies!

I need some information and I hope that someone in this community can help me!

My DH is currently in Israel.  He's there with an Archaeological field school.  Very cool, I know.

However, here's the problem.  The poor man seems to be plagued with problems in communication with me when he goes overseas.  He bought a SIM card when he first arrived in Tel-Aviv through the Orange Network.  Now he is in Beit-Shemesh.  The hotel he is staying in won't have it's internet online for a few days, so IMing and Skype are out for now, but he can't seem to figure out how to dial out on his phone.  Apparently all the information he has access to is in Hebrew.  And when I tried looking it up online, naturally the Orange Israel website is in Hebrew.

According to DH, you can't just dial 00-1-USA Phone Number from a cell phone there.  Apparently you need some sort of special code.  And, naturally, he doesn't have that special code, and no one else with him has the special code.

He called me today from a borrowed phone.  And, naturally, he doesn't know the phone number for his own phone.  (Don't get me started...this is a reoccurring theme)

The only English information I have found is about Roamers, but he's not roaming if he bought an Israeli SIM card. 

I know that some of you ladies are in Israel or have been to Israel and speak and read Hebrew.  I would be eternally grateful if anyone could please help!  Even if it means your just a better internet super-sleuth and can find an English language link for me!



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Jun. 2nd, 2008 09:24 pm (UTC)
Oh how frustrating! I wish I had an answer or advice, but I don't. I've also never been to Israel and don't know Hebrew. Hopefully someone will be able to help you.
Jun. 2nd, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
Tell him to try +1 instead of 001. + is the international dialing code from everywhere. Maybe Israel does not use 00 to get an international line. No idea.

Does he have the paperwork that came with the sim? It should have the phone number on it.

Maybe he has no more credit left and therefore cannot call out. He can try calling another cell phone to see what number shows up.
Jun. 2nd, 2008 09:43 pm (UTC)
How does one dial +? I don't think he used any of his credit. If and when he calls again, I'll ask.

And apparently all of his paperwork is in Hebrew as well. Now, I'm sure he could ask someone there to help him read it...but that would just be too easy. I'm not sure what is up, but when he called he was in one of his famous "helpless" moods. And I was pissed it had been 2 days since I heard from him.

Thanks for the suggestions, though!
Jun. 3rd, 2008 09:32 am (UTC)
You press the * twice or the # twice. Depends on the model of the phone.
Jun. 3rd, 2008 12:01 am (UTC)
It's not a "code" when dialing the US, but it's a different exchange which tends to cut down on cost. It used to be 0105, but I think it's probably changed by now. Ask him to ask someone on the street -- seriously, a lot of people call the US regularly and someone will know.
Jun. 3rd, 2008 12:02 am (UTC)
Oh, and almost 100% of Israelis speak English -- and good English at that.
Jun. 3rd, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
Thanks, I'll give him that code.

It's not the speaking English - he hasn't had that problem at all. It's the reading Hebrew. Ugh. I have no idea what the real story is. I had a 5 minute conversation with him about this.

I don't know why he hasn't asked the Professor in charge of the trip - or even the people who run the hotel - to read the instructions for him or call the help line. He's usually really good at getting people to help him.

I think he just likes doing this to me. He once called me while I was visiting my friend in New Hampshire because he was lost and did I know how to get to someplace. No, don't ask someone on the street, call me, that makes sense.
Jun. 4th, 2008 02:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your replies. He finally called again, and finally knew his own number! I was able to call with Skype (love Skype, BTW). Gave him all the number options you gave me. I also found the customer service for roaming online and gave him those numbers, too.

Thanks again!
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