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[Sticky] WC on LJ Announcements

Check out the user info page to see a list of communities you can join to connect with other WC/CCers and other important community information.


Please do not start a new post to the community to introduce yourself. Instead, reply to this thread:

Oh, really

It's just not allowed on LJ or if Katy doesn't like it, I guess.


I don't think anyone would be surprised at the mods/admins not wanting to post in this thread. Considering that when we post about this topic we're often called liars or our words are twisted around. I'm happy to try to help people understand, but there's only so much any of us know because we're not Katy.

No, the frustration expressed in the ML is the same as frustration expressed in other places, and which is allowed by the rules. Doesn't matter if it's in a hidden forum or if it's in the open, we're not saying stuff that would break the rules. Most of the mods are so busy with babies that we aren't even around that much, there's just no interest in hanging out in the ML to snark. This current team is not like that at all.

go niobe!

Good for you niobe42! That took some guts. Love it!


Is this allowed?

A bunch of us CC girls started a new forum and wondered if it was okay to post the link to the site here?
I didn't see anything saying I couldn't. I apologize if it isn't allowed.


Completely free forum. Journals and everything else you can think of. If we don't have it, we will add it! Check it out :)

(Journals, groups and a couple of other areas of the forum are locked to registered users)

Post count?

Maybe I'm just loosing it, but I think my post count has gone down. I thought it was around 5,065 or something like that, but it's at least 10 posts off. Anyone else having this issue?

so, about CC reporting IP addresses

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I did read in worldgoingdown that if you, say, write a post on CC from work, then later go to your home computer and edit that post - in however minor a fashion - then the only recorded IP address appears to be your home one. I can't guarantee that - I'm not the WGD blogger - but sounds good to me.
Journals are back in the list when you click on the "new posts" button.

Just wondering...who liked that they were hidden on the new posts list, and who likes seeing them?
So, Lacey posted in the "Do you blog here" thread and then closed it. :rolleyes: she said the journals are now reopened and will not be closing but the blogs are still open. Things are never going to be the same there though.  

Have you recieved an answer?

If you posted in the board biz, have you recieved an answer at all? It looks like a lot of new posts, but I'm wondering if admin/mods are answering.

Umm . . . .

So, I've heard that there are people over on CC talking about how journals were closed down as punishment due to the action of a few posters.  I can only imagine that people think those posters were the original banned group.  I'd like to set the record straight and say that I don't believe any of the four of us who were banned actually even journaled on CC -- we'd all figured out that LJ was the place to do that and had closed down any journals we had over on CC a long, long time ago

So, if Katy was trying to punish us (which makes no sense, since we can't access the boards anymore, anyway), taking away the entire community's journals seems pretty lame.

But of course, I think that most of what's happened on CC over the past few months is pretty lame.